Buying The Best Jute Rug

A jute rug is a carpet made from the jute fiber, a Hessian – like vegetable fiber that is hand woven and spun into coarse strands. The jute rugs are a resurrected trend from the markets of India. India, the world’s leading jute grower, is exporting vast quantities of jute rug to the western world where they have become a high fashion in the past few years; yet are they worth the hype?


RugNatural, soft, cozy and durable, these rugs are perfect for the home due to the reason that they are easy to clean, requiring only a swift vacuum without the fibers getting sucked and stuck in the machine. The rug’s natural plant fibers are considered to be relatively absorbent, meaning that they are not particularly suited to the bathroom environment, where they can become damp, moldy and begin to smell. These are a few examples of the issues of the jute rug, both positive and adverse. Throughout this article, we will cover the additional pros and cons of the jute rug.


The rug is easy to clean; just a simple vacuum will do. Especially with pets, this ease of housework is a priority

Strong material

The various weaves make the jute rugs deceptively durable.

Natural, eco-friendly and healthy for the environment. There are no chemicals in the rugs materials like in any other synthetic make.

Works with the majority of color schemes due to its neutral color.

The look

A quaint and subtle look that gives a rustic look to your home

The feel

Not as soft as a shag carpet, yet a surprising mixture of soft, smooth and course textures creates the best feel for all. It almost feels like a massage on the feet


Compared to the vast majority of synthetic rugs, the jute style is undeniably cheaper. Perhaps due to its texture and simplicity. A fantastic bargain.

Negatives of a jute rug

  • Can become moldy and potent if wet.
  • Dust can settle under the fibers
  • Can smell, yet that earthy scent goes away rapidly after first purchase
  • Sunlight can fade the rug

The rug sheds. You might find small parts of fiber around your home as they fall out of the rug

If you spill on the rug, it ‘s hard to get out. Juices, oils, and sauces will all stain.


RugWhile jute rugs are not for everyone due to their simplicity, there are too many positive factors to ignore. Simplicity, economical price, and ease of cleaning should all appeal to a whole range of people.