Eight Ways To Lighten Your Space

While you might not realize it, if you have been feeling fatigued, stressed or not just in good moods, the problem might be your home, the kind of deco in your space or just lack of natural light. Yes, you heard me right! Research shows that humans react, act and feel better in a home with lots of natural light as well as light inspired decoration. If you are trying to add more natural light to your residence, the following suggestions will lighten your space.


Solar tube lights

If you are thinking about enhancing light into a dark living space, you can consider installing solar light tubes. The tubes extend through your roof and let natural light in your home. They are made of a special material that attracts light into your space. Check out Solatube vs Velux solar tube comparisons to discover the best solar tube for your situation.

Use glass doors

If possible, you should replace all the solid wooden doors in your home with glass doors. Glass doors will make your space appear open as well as bright because they allow the flow of natural light. The great news is that glass doors are not as expensive as most think.

Clean your windows

This seems obvious. However, the ugly truth is that the dirt on your windows could block lots of light from getting into your home. Cleaning them will increase the amount of light that gets into your space. Don’t expect sunshine to peek into your room with dirty windows. Consider this option if you don’t have the cash to install new windows.

Lighten up dark floors

If you cant replace or refinish a dark floor, you can cover it using a light-toned rug to bring instant brightness to the area. So if you have a dark floor start shopping for runner rugs or traditional patterned rugs for the change.

Paint ceiling white

It’s a no-brainer that light colors will make your home look brighter. With a dark ceiling board, your rooms will look dark and small. Thus, to instantly brighten up space, paint your ceiling boards white. Using white paint is strongly recommended because it scatters light and absorbs none.

Use brighter bulbs

For many years, people have been using the wattage of a bulb to determine its brightness. However, they have been doing the wrong thing. You should consider the lumens and not wattage to determine the brightness of a bulb. Use LED lights in your home because they have a higher light output and are energy efficient.

Avoid window treatment

Take advantage of natural light in your home as much as possible. Stay away from heavy draperies or window treatments that will keep light away from your home. Instead, go for options like roman shades or blinds because they provide you with the privacy that you need while still allowing light into the room.



Place mirrors at vital points

Put a mirror or two strategically in dark areas to increase the amount of light getting into the room. A large mirror will reflect more light to brighten your space.

Different Uses Of The Cabinets

Walk-in closet

When your closet gets too full with your clothing items, it may be time to consider cabinets as a new way to store clothes. Cabinet provides a different way of keeping your accessories, shoes, and clothes. You may have a floor cabinet inbuilt with shelves or drawers that you can pull out for easy access to your items. The garage cabinets are used in the storage of automobiles. Alternatively, you can install wall wardrobe with built in features.


cabinets in garage The floor of a mud room is mostly cluttered with jackets, dirty shoes and coats. The disorganized floor creates a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up. Nonetheless, you can remove the clutter and have a more organized space by installing cabinets. Cabinets give room for having space for different items i.e. shoes this you may not have to have clutter in the mudroom. You should also decide the type of cabinets you want whether they have doors or not. You may involve a professional in the making of the enclosure so that you get an appropriate one according to your room and use.

Laundry room

Most laundry rooms are full of many laundry items. The clothes, detergents are usually placed in many random places by the frequent users of the chamber. You will need to install both upper cabinets, and lower cabinets for separate laundry uses. It IS preferable to install cabinets without open doors so as to ensure that you can easily access and items and it is also a modern style.


This is a place where you have to seriously consider installing a cabinet because of the nature of the parking space. A garage is mostly disorganized thus it is important to ensure that you have cabinets or else you risk losing items because they are bound to be thrown all over the space. You should add cabinets for easy access to your implements, sporting gear, and decorations. The fixed cabinets should also have shelves for further item distinguished storage and accessibility. You should be organized in the sense that similar items are stored together for quick access and to ensure declutter. You may leave some cabinets without shelves so as to have clear space for sports items as they occupy more space compared to tools.

Home office

cabinet with tools The home office is bound to have items like stationery, books, etc. if not careful the items may take up your working space and leave you with less working space. I t is, therefore, prudent to create space by having closed cabinets for storage of stationery, books, and files. You may first want to get rid of all the material you are not using first.

Buying The Best Jute Rug

A jute rug is a carpet made from the jute fiber, a Hessian – like vegetable fiber that is hand woven and spun into coarse strands. The jute rugs are a resurrected trend from the markets of India. India, the world’s leading jute grower, is exporting vast quantities of jute rug to the western world where they have become a high fashion in the past few years; yet are they worth the hype?


RugNatural, soft, cozy and durable, these rugs are perfect for the home due to the reason that they are easy to clean, requiring only a swift vacuum without the fibers getting sucked and stuck in the machine. The rug’s natural plant fibers are considered to be relatively absorbent, meaning that they are not particularly suited to the bathroom environment, where they can become damp, moldy and begin to smell. These are a few examples of the issues of the jute rug, both positive and adverse. Throughout this article, we will cover the additional pros and cons of the jute rug.


The rug is easy to clean; just a simple vacuum will do. Especially with pets, this ease of housework is a priority

Strong material

The various weaves make the jute rugs deceptively durable.

Natural, eco-friendly and healthy for the environment. There are no chemicals in the rugs materials like in any other synthetic make.

Works with the majority of color schemes due to its neutral color.

The look

A quaint and subtle look that gives a rustic look to your home

The feel

Not as soft as a shag carpet, yet a surprising mixture of soft, smooth and course textures creates the best feel for all. It almost feels like a massage on the feet


Compared to the vast majority of synthetic rugs, the jute style is undeniably cheaper. Perhaps due to its texture and simplicity. A fantastic bargain.

Negatives of a jute rug

  • Can become moldy and potent if wet.
  • Dust can settle under the fibers
  • Can smell, yet that earthy scent goes away rapidly after first purchase
  • Sunlight can fade the rug

The rug sheds. You might find small parts of fiber around your home as they fall out of the rug

If you spill on the rug, it ‘s hard to get out. Juices, oils, and sauces will all stain.


RugWhile jute rugs are not for everyone due to their simplicity, there are too many positive factors to ignore. Simplicity, economical price, and ease of cleaning should all appeal to a whole range of people.

Tips On Choosing The Best Air Purifier

It is important that most of the people have realized the benefits involved in using a purifier in their homes. The main reason why most of the people have considered using the air purifier machine it’s because it can filter out all the airborne contaminants and takes the air in the room. This, therefore, it will reduce dust that is on the furniture, banish the pets, and maintains the cleanness of a room.

Before making any purchasing decision, you first need to define and identify the air quality problem at your home. There is the nature of air quality problem that varies from one home to the other. And it can be clearly classified into two various categories. That is discomfort and health. The discomfort arises from the bad odor that may be caused by chemicals or tobacco smoke. Also, the health arises from airborne contaminants like pollen and dust.

However, there are other harmful bacteria and allergens that do circulate in the air for people to inhale. There are some of the best air purifiers that have been recommended by allergists to the patients who have asthma and allergy symptoms. Even if there are many best air purifier products in the market, the following are some of the tips that can guide in choosing the best purifier for your home.

Size of the room

desk with laptop It is important to know the size of the room that needs cleaning. This is because most of the air purifiers are designed in different shapes based on the specific space. Therefore, it is recommended that you know the size of the room before making any decision.

The filter type

Ensure that your machine has an approved High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter. This is because the filter removes the highest percentage of airborne contaminants. Also, ensure that your purifier has an activated carbon prefilter or charcoal that will prevent the filter from any damage and eliminates all household odor.

Know how loud the purifier is

Most machines that operate on the highest speed tend to be noisy compared to those that run on the lowest speed. Therefore, it is essential to consider whether your air purifier will interfere with the sound system in your home.


plantFind out the maintenance required. Also, know when and how you need to change your filters. Know the exact time to clean the filters also. Finally, it is important to consider these tips because they will be of help to your health and your home.

Why Should You Hire A Professional Bedbug Removal Company?

Bedbugs can be annoying and difficult to eliminate. That is why it is advised to contact a reputable removal company when you have a bedbug infestation. Look for a bed bug exterminator NYC to help in dealing with bedbugs. While some pesticides promise to eradicate bedbugs from your home, others will not have any effect on them. Ideally, call a professional company to get rid of the bedbugs in your home.

Benefits of professional bedbug removal services

It is a safe approachman treating bed

The professional company has the right techniques to eliminate the bedbugs from the house. Some pesticides could be dangerous and overly lethal to human health. If you handle them wrongly, the pesticide might harm your health, which can lead to severe medical conditions.

It is more effective

The professional bed bug removal company is experienced in handling the pests in your home. For that, they have all the techniques that they need to get rid of the bedbugs. Depending on the types of the bedbug, they will know the best method and pesticide to use for effectiveness.

It saves time

Trying to eliminate the bugs can be tedious. Also, you must use the right technique and pesticide to get rid of the bedbugs. If you were to handle the situation yourself, you would end up spending days, weeks and even months trying to get rid of the pests. Some pesticides might not be effective, or you may use the right pesticide but with a wrong approach. When you hire the professional removal company, they will know the exact approach of using to eliminate the bedbugs, which saves you time.

You will learn more about the elimination

A reliable company should help you to learn the best ways of preventing and removing the bedbugs. The company will take you through the process of eliminating the bugs and tell you the most effective method. The professional company will also inform you about the most certain pesticide to use on the bedbugs. This way, you will enjoy the elimination services and still learn from the company.

It is a cheaper approach

Even though you will pabed bugs y for the bed bug elimination services, you will end up spending less money. If you were to purchase pesticides from your local store, they might not be as effective as you expect. You could end up spending too much trying to find the best pesticide for the bedbugs.

These are the benefits of professional bedbug removal services. You can be sure of saving money, effort, and time when you hire the professional removal company. Always ensure that the company is reliable, reputable and affordable before you hire them.

Loans for Upgrading and Repairing Your Home

Buying a home is a bog decision, and many people are in need of financing when they want to buy a new home or refinance the mortgage for their home. In such cases, one has to look for a reputable financing firm that can give you a good deal for the loan.

Housing Loans and Mortgagestwo men renovating kitchen

There are many forms of loans available for housing needs from the fha mortgage company. From purchasing a new house to making repairs and renovations or even buying new appliances and upgrades.

There are many forms of loans that are available, and they are from the standard home mortgage to the FHA 203k loans.

How to apply for a loan

If you need financing for your home, you will have to approach a lending institution. When you do so, you will have to ensure that your credit score is in good standing so that you will be able to get the loan you require. The lending institution will ask you for proof of income in order to ensure repayment.

You will then have to fill up various forms depending on the type of loan applied for, and there will be an approval process that will take a few days.

Once the approval process has ended, you will then be notified by the bank or lending institution that you can go ahead with the purchase or repair.

house being renovated The FHA 303k loans

This loan is meant for renovations, repairs and upgrades to a house. It can range from major structural repairs to minor repairs such as the replacements of electrical or plumbing systems. The 203k loans are divided into two categories, one is meant for major repairs and renovations that cost more that $35,000 and the other is for minor repairs, and upgrades below this amount.

The standard 203k loan

This is the one meant for significant repairs, and it will take some time and more documentation.

The streamlined 203k loan

This is meant for minor repairs and is more quickly approved and can be used for many upgrades in your home as long as it does not involve any structural modifications.


If you are on the lookout for a loan to get your house upgraded or perform some small repairs the 203k is the best option. Many lending institutions will help you in getting these loans.