Top Cordless Drills Manufacturers

Cordless drills are designed for commercial and lightweight woodwork projects. The lightweight project cordless drills are specially manufactured for home repairs and other uses at home. Industrial Cordless drills are made for construction experts and other professional contractors. Here is a look at the different manufacturers of the cordless drills available on the market.

Different manufacturers


Makita stands as one of the renowned cordless drill manufacturers on the market. It has been in the industry for more than 100 years, and it delivers some of the most advanced cordless drills. The Makita drills are made with a high-torque motor and sturdy enough to handle both heavy and light weight projects.


DeWalt was founded in 1924, and it is known for its innovation in hand tools and power Drillstools for various projects. The company helped to designed wartime tools for the US Army in the 40s.

Its first-ever cordless drill was introduced in 1994. The DeWalt cordless drills are known for their sturdiness and efficiency. This company is also known for delivering long-lasting power drills.


SKIL was established in 1924, and ever since, it has been developing high-quality cordless drills that are less expensive. The SKIL cordless drills are mostly designed for light jobs at home for the repairmen. Also, contractors with light-duty jobs can use the SKIL cordless drills. This brand is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a reliable drill at a lower price.

Black & Decker

This is one of the initial power tools manufacturers, having been established in 1910. The brand manufactures reliable tools for home repairmen and users. Black & Decker was the company that invented the first-ever cordless drill. It is a globally-recognized brand that offers reliable and potent cordless drills.


Ryobi is a top manufacturer of cordless drills for homeowners and other light-project contractors. They are also the best choice for those who need a professional cordless drill at an affordable price. The drills are known to be precise and potent enough for a light job.


drill bitsCraftsman is another leading cordless drill manufacturer that is managed by Sears. The brand is known for its expertise in developing high-quality cordless drills for professional contractors. It is among the most trusted brands on the market, which deliver reliable models for the woodworkers.

These are the different manufacturers of the cordless drills on the market. They deliver power drills that come in various sizes, power and design to suit the needs of the user. Always ensure that you understand the features and functions of the cordless drill before you purchase it. You can do research on the best cordless drill just to be sure of finding a model that suits your preferences.