Gardening Plants

While walking through most ordinary gardens, you are likely to notice all the customary plants such as some colorful flowers or a jungle of ferns. But if you don’t want to take the mainstream route, then you can try out a range of unusual plants which are certain to add a different flavour to your garden. Here we take a look at five such weird floral species worth trying out.

Weird Plants

Devil’s Hand (Chiranthodendron Pentadactylon)

This plant flowershas a few other names such as Monkey’s Hand & Hand-Flower. Call it whatever you may like, there is no second guessing where these names have originated from. This otherwise normal looking bloom is distinct due to its claw-like part. It may seem like that the claw has intentions of snatching its prey. The plant is native to Mexico & it is also known to treat many medical ailments including heart disease.

Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana Major)

This incredible small sized orchid is shaped in such a manner that it appears exactly like a duck which is about to take flight. Its greenish-yellow beak along with the gently curved wings portrays the sight of a wonderful looking duck. This terrestrial plant found in the eastern & southern regions of Australia is one floral species which would certainly raise the elegance of your garden.

Hooker’s Lips (Psychotria Elata)

The Hooker’s Lips plant also known as Hot Lips or Flower Lips is one of the unique ones you can find. Its leaf-like bracts resemble the lips of a woman for a while before the little white & yellow flowers within are revealed. This seductive plant found in the tropical forests can welcome everyone to your garden in a kiss-ready manner. Well, what else can you ask for?

Lithops Webery (Lithops Comptonii)

You may have seen various types of stones in your lifeticolorful plantsme, but probably not flower stones! When they bloom, you will get to see the extraordinary sight of yellow daisies poking out of what appear to be solid stones. Lithops Webery also known as Living Stones are succulents & they tend to remain unfazed with the changes in the conditions. These wonderful little plants are native to South Africa & they are also drought-proof.

Dancing Grass (Codariocalyx Motorius)

Every expert gardener focuses on having a nice blend of flowering & non-flowering plants. So, the dancing grass can act as the ideal complement to all the other plants. Also known as the Semaphore Plant or the Telegraph plant this unique species has the uncanny ability to twitch & to move around even when the wind is absent. Horticulturists believe that it is used to optimize the photosynthesis process. Whatever the reason their dance moves do have the capacity raise the charm of your garden.

These astonishing plants are reminders of all the incredible diversities that exist on our earth & you would not mind investing in these five weird plants to grace your garden.