Get to Know More About The Japanese Kitchen Knives

Chinese food grew independently from the other popular cuisines, thus did the utensils that were expected to deliver that cooking. The Kitchen Guy’s Japanese Chef Knife Guide helps you find the right knife that meets your needs. There are kitchen knives that are quite popular these days that are used in food preparation.
Read on below to know more about these knives in detail. Japanese kitchen knives are the very best among all the knives. These knives are made from a variety of metals, depending on the purpose of its use.

There are varieties of kitchen knives which are designed for use for different purposes

Japanese knives are the best for all purpose knives. TheKnife and vegetable re are different types of Japanese kitchen knives. Commonly used are deba bocho, used for fish filleting and buttering, it is a thick heavy knife; santoku hocho, an all purpose utility knife; nakiri bocho and usuba hocho are vegetable knifes used for cutting and chopping vegetables; tako hiki and yanagi ba are used for sashimi slicing.

Japanese knives with specific use

  • Ajikiri
    it is a small paring knife used for small fish, meat and vegetables
  • Bano Ko-Bocho
    it is a small paring knife which can be used as an all purpose knife
  • Bunkabocho
    it is a multipurpose tradition knife used in the preparation of cultural cuisine.
  • Butakiri
    it is used to cut large pieces of meat.
  • Chukabocho
    it is a general kitchen knife, it is large and rectangular in shape with thin blades and is used for cutting vegetables.
  • Fugubiki
    It is a flexible knife used for making thin slices of fish.
  • Gishiki
    it is used to fillet fish without touching the fish with the hands; only a skilled chef can use this knife.
  • Gyuto
    it is an all purpose chef’s knife with thin blades, is made of hard steel.
  • Hamokiritwo kitchen knives
    it is used to cut bones of large fishes into small pieces.
  • Hankotshu
    it is used to separate bones from the meat. It is a boning knife
  • Kaimuki
    it is a knife is used to open shellfish, scallops and oysters
  • Menkiri
    it a noodle cutter.
  • Muki
    a small knife designed for peeling small items.
  • Mukimono
    thin and small paring knife used for decorative food carving.
  • Reitou hocho
    it is designed for cutting frozen meat.

These knives are very well-liked and famous worldwide for their specialized styles and uses and also for their associated tasks.