Eight Ways To Lighten Your Space

While you might not realize it, if you have been feeling fatigued, stressed or not just in good moods, the problem might be your home, the kind of deco in your space or just lack of natural light. Yes, you heard me right! Research shows that humans react, act and feel better in a home with lots of natural light as well as light inspired decoration. If you are trying to add more natural light to your residence, the following suggestions will lighten your space.


Solar tube lights

If you are thinking about enhancing light into a dark living space, you can consider installing solar light tubes. The tubes extend through your roof and let natural light in your home. They are made of a special material that attracts light into your space. Check out Solatube vs Velux solar tube comparisons to discover the best solar tube for your situation.

Use glass doors

If possible, you should replace all the solid wooden doors in your home with glass doors. Glass doors will make your space appear open as well as bright because they allow the flow of natural light. The great news is that glass doors are not as expensive as most think.

Clean your windows

This seems obvious. However, the ugly truth is that the dirt on your windows could block lots of light from getting into your home. Cleaning them will increase the amount of light that gets into your space. Don’t expect sunshine to peek into your room with dirty windows. Consider this option if you don’t have the cash to install new windows.

Lighten up dark floors

If you cant replace or refinish a dark floor, you can cover it using a light-toned rug to bring instant brightness to the area. So if you have a dark floor start shopping for runner rugs or traditional patterned rugs for the change.

Paint ceiling white

It’s a no-brainer that light colors will make your home look brighter. With a dark ceiling board, your rooms will look dark and small. Thus, to instantly brighten up space, paint your ceiling boards white. Using white paint is strongly recommended because it scatters light and absorbs none.

Use brighter bulbs

For many years, people have been using the wattage of a bulb to determine its brightness. However, they have been doing the wrong thing. You should consider the lumens and not wattage to determine the brightness of a bulb. Use LED lights in your home because they have a higher light output and are energy efficient.

Avoid window treatment

Take advantage of natural light in your home as much as possible. Stay away from heavy draperies or window treatments that will keep light away from your home. Instead, go for options like roman shades or blinds because they provide you with the privacy that you need while still allowing light into the room.



Place mirrors at vital points

Put a mirror or two strategically in dark areas to increase the amount of light getting into the room. A large mirror will reflect more light to brighten your space.